Old Norse Names Related to the Norse Gods

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This portion of the names article is still under development, and a final version not expected to be uploaded before the end of 2001. For the present, please write The Viking Answer Lady for specific questions regarding Viking Age names related to other gods than the ones shown here.

When complete, this article will in brief discuss some of the attributes and symbols of the various gods of the Norse, and suggest names which are related to these attributes and symbols.

This article is not intended to suggest that the Vikings would have named their children this way (see the main article on Old Norse names and naming practices for details on Viking Age naming practices). Rather, it is provided for modern people who are selecting names who wish the name selected to show a relationship or affinity for one of the gods of the Vikings.


Óðinn was the god of battle, and a huge proportion of the Old Norse men's names reflect battle in one or another of its aspects. The All-father was also the god of kings and of rulership, and there are names that include aspects of this as well. Óðinn was also god of madness in battle and the madness of poetry. And he was well-known for his propensity to wander the Nine Worlds in disguise, with a name to fit the disguise. The symbols of Óðinn include the spear, wolves, ravens, and eagles.


Þórr was the god of weather and of storm, armed with the hammer or axe that represented the lightning, shown with fire-like red hair and beard, and flashing, piercing eyes. He is also a fertility god because of the strong link between weather and the harvest. Þórr was known also as "Mankind's Warder", the guardian of people, and especially the patron of the karl or free man. The god was also known as "The Holy God" and "The Hallower" and his hammer was used to consecrate and make holy, as well as to defend and protect. Þórr was known for his strength and courage, as well as for driving his goat-drawn rumbling chariot across the skies.

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