Kyodai Mahjongg Tilesets


The following are tilesets I have designed for myself and for friends who play Kyodai. I enjoy playing using a variety of tilesets, and given my own interest in the Viking Age I guess it's natural that I made some Viking-themed tilesets for myself. I retain the copyright on all artwork, but make the tilesets freely available to other Kyodai fans for your own personal enjoyment.

Click on the thumbnails below to view a full-sized image. Once the full-sized version has loaded, right-click on the image and use the Save Picture As... option to save the tileset to your Kyodai Tileset folder.

Historical Themes

Viking Artifacts 1

Viking Artifacts 2

Art of the Scythians

Tarot Themes

Waite-Rider Tarot

Waite-Rider Tarot Images

Morgan-Greer Tarot

Xena: Tarot of the Bitter Suite
For those who are interested in Tarot, I've also put together a layout based on the "Celtic Cross" tarot reading layout.
Right click the link and select the Save Target As (IE) or Save Link As (Netscape) option, then save to your Kyodai Layouts folder.


A Rainbow of Bearded Irises

Antique Roses

Other Tilesets

Flags of the World


Age of Empires II: Age of Kings

Tileset Development

In designing new tilesets, I'm gradually building new blank tilesets as well. A few of these are included here, both as JPEGs and in PNG format for use with programs such as Macromedia's Fireworks3.

Chrome Tileset
  BlankSetChrome.png (560 KB)

Fabric Weave Tileset
  BlankSetWithFabricTopsAndFrame.png (1928 KB)

What is Kyodai?

Kyodai Mahjongg is a mahjongg solitaire game in which a layout of mahjongg tiles is presented, and must be removed by selecting matched pairs. This is an absorbing and fun type of solitaire all on its own, but Kyodai takes mahjongg solitaire to a whole new level of customization. Users can specify the background images, the music, custom tile layouts, and custom designs for the tiles themselves. The game was created and designed by René-Gilles Deberdt.

Kyodai Links

Kyodai Mahjongg Website Here you may download the shareware version of Kyodai, purchase or trade for a full Kyodai license, as well as finding additional tilesets, backgrounds, musics, and information for Kyodai.

Mahjongg Tiles Website An archive and museum of tilesets created by the late John Nicholas. Historical mahjongg tilesets as well as many great Kyodai tilesets.

Stuff for Kyodai Website Another great Kyodai fan website, by Marc Lesselberg. Contains custom tilesets, small tilesets, backgrounds, songs, layouts, and more.

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