EQ2 Harvesting and Crafting Materials Guide

Tier Min Skill Ore (mining) Gem (mining) Roots (gathering) Wood (foresting) Den (trapping) Shrub (gathering) Fish (fishing) Imbue Item Fuels (price ea)
10 tin clusterrough malachiterootssevered elm rawhide leather peltjumjumfrog leg Nonecoal (6c)
leaded loamlead cluster   deer meatBaubbleshire cabbagesunfish  filament (6c)
     turtle meatblack coffee bean   sandpaper (6c)
      raw white tea leaf  incense (6c)
bronze clusterrough lapis yarrowsevered alder waxed leather pelt     candle (6c)
solidified loamcopper cluster        walnut kindling (1c)
220 iron clusterrough turquoiseraw tubers severed mapletanned leather peltmurdunk orange crab meatGlowingbrown coal (24c)
salty loamelectrum cluster   vulrich meatraw carrotfreewater grouper  thread filament (24c)
     elephant meatAntonican coffee bean   abrasive sandpaper (24c)
      raw black tea leaf   cedar incense (24c)
blackened iron cl.rough coral sisal rootsevered bone cured leather pelt    paraffin wax candle (24c)
alkaline loam silver cluster      Flickering mulberry kindling (4c)
390 carbonite clusterrough agatebelladonna root severed ashboiled leather peltfayberry thicket crayfishSparklingdull black coal (96c)
pliant loamgold cluster   lion meatsweet onionseafury mackerel  fiber filament (96c)
     pig meatSteppes mountain bean   coarse sandpaper (96c)
      oolong tea leaf   jasmine incense (96c)
steel clusterrough jasper dandelion fibersevered fir cuirboilli leather pelt    tallow wax candle (96c)
malleable loam palladium cluster       Shimmering cherry kindling (14c)
4140 feyiron clusterrough opalinetussah root severed briarwoodetched leather peltwild apple shark finGlimmeringdark brown coal (3s 84c)
supple loamvelium cluster   bear meatcucumbermurkwater carp  wire filament (3s 84c)
     griffon meatEverfrost ice bean   garnet sandpaper (3s 84c)
      green tea leaf   sandalwood incense (3s 84c)
feysteel clusterrough opal oak rootsevered oak engraved leath. pelt    gel wax candle (3s 84c)
ductile loam ruthenium cluster       Glimmering hickory kindling (55c)
5190 fulginate clusterrough bloodstoneashen root severed teakstrengthened leath. peltwhite peach cauldron blowfishLuminous lustrous black coal (15s 36c)
bonded loamdiamondine cluster   owlbear meatbrowncap mushroom Nerius trout fine filament (15s 36c)
     wyrm meatLavastorm robusta bean   diamond sandpaper (15s 36c)
      pu-erh tea leaf   patchouli incense (15s 36c)
ebon clusterrough ruby figwarts rootsevered cedar augmented leath. pelt    beeswax candle (15s 36c)
fused loam rhodium cluster       Luminous mesquite kindling (2s 21c)
6240 indium clusterrough nacresucculent root severed sandalwoodstonehide leather peltprickly pear tiger shrimpLambentanthracite coal (23s 4c)
soluble loamberyllium cluster   caiman meatartichokeconger eel  strand filament (23s 4c)
     sabertooth meatMaj'Dul coffee bean   crystalline sandpaper (23s 4c)
      darjeeling tea leaf   masala incense (23s 4c)
cobalt clusterrough pearl saguaro rootsevered ironwood scaled leather pelt    bayberry candle (23s 4c)
alkalai loam vanadium cluster       Lambent charcoal kindling (8s 83c)
7250 adamantine clusterrough topazhanging root rough lumbered rosewoodhorned leather peltxegonberry flying fishScintillatingbituminous coal (34s 56c)
porous loamazurite cluster   aviak meatsquash   mythical filament (34s 56c)
     ravasect meatsoaring coffee bean   acrylia sandpaper (34s 56c)
      sweet chai tea leaf   mystical incense (34s 56c)
xegonite clusterrough moonstone nimbus rootrough lumbered ebony dragonhide leath. pelt    flamewrought candle (34s 56c)
spongy loam acrylia cluster       Scintillating rosewood kindling (12s 43c)
perfectly cut purple geode §perfectly cut purple geode §  perfect osseous lumber § strip of supple leather §     

Bold italicized items are rare harvests. These are used to make high-quality armor, equipment, and furniture. You get a special ding and popup message when you harvest one of these.

- A variety of imbue items are available, including stones, flowers, teeth, and fishscales. In general, any of these can be used for making an imbued item.

- These dusts are created as a by-product of scholars crafting Adept III spells. They are used in crafting poisons and potions.

§ - These items are semi-rare harvests from the indicated node used in the 'Draco Mortuus' Heritage Quest

Note: Additional tradeskill fuel items may be found in the complete reference at http://www.vikinganswerlady.com/souls/TSFuels.jpg

- These items are used to make spells for fighters.

- These items are used to make spells for priests.

- These items are used to make spells for scouts.

- These items are used to make spells for mages.

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