SVG Images for Heralds

Images converted from Visio 2010 to SVG format by Christie L. Ward,, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license ( No attribution required for heraldic or artistic use by members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. Last update: 10/21/2014.

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Shield Heart Heart Fusil or Lozenge Mascle
Card Pique Vair Bell St. Catherine's Wheel Water Wheel Cogwheel
Escallop Sun Sun in Splendour Crescent Estoile
Estoile Pierced Mullet of Four Points Mullet of Five Points Mullet of Six Points Mullet of Seven Points
Mullet of Eight Points Ansteorran Black Star Spur Rowel of Five Points Spur Rowel of Six Points Compass Star
Compass Rose Comet Comet Mullet of Five Points Voided and Interlaced Within and Conjoined to an Annulet Mullet of Six Points Voided and Interlaced
Escarbuncle Phial Amphora Pitcher Covered Tankard
Chalice Ewer Salt Cellar Shedding Salt Spoon Cupping Glass
Cauldron Fleshpot Frying Pan Orb Bell
Hawk Bell Astrolabe Calipers Abacus Open Book
Quill Pen Artist's Paint Brush Arm Embowed Cubit Arm Dexter Foot
Thor's Hammer Thor's Hammer Diapered Norse Sun Cross Lacy Knot Trefoil Knot
Triquetra Triquetra Interlaced with an Annulet Valknut Triskele Triskele of Spirals
Three Annulets Interlaced Torque Annulet of Rope Annulet and Braid Garter
Shield Knot Labyrinth Labyrinth Scissors Bobbin
Sewing Needle Tassel Button Harp Lute
Flute Lysard Panpipes Hunting Horn Horns Interlaced
Lymphad Sails Set and Oars Shipped Sail Anchor Fleam Oil Lamp
Lantern Candle Ray or Pile Wavy Flame Goutte of Flame
Goutte Key Portal Portcullis Gatehouse
Windmill Gonfannon Chess Rook Tower Tower
Obelisk Wood Plane, Block Plane Hammer Anvil Pliers or Smith's Tongs
Shovel Horseshoe Snaffle Bit Bridle Furison
Furison Fetterlock Coronet Dovetailed Coronet with Strawberry Leaves Coronet Embattled
Coronet Embattled with Gems Label of Three Points Label of Five Points Escroll Cloud
Natural Rainbow Lightning Bolt (Some Assembly Required) Single-Headed Chess Knight Die Claw
Scroll Fret Fretty Fretty Fretty Badge

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