SVG Images for Heralds

Images converted from Visio 2010 to SVG format by Christie L. Ward,, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license ( No attribution required for heraldic or artistic use by members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. Last update: 10/21/2014.

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Anteater Rampant Badger Head Cabossed Bagwyn Rampany Guardant Bear's Head Cabossed Bear's Head Erased
Bear Dormant Bear Guardant Bear Passant Guardant Bear Rampant Boar Courant
Boar Winged Courant Bull's Head Erased Minotaur Passant Sheep's Head Couped Sheep Statant Guardant
Lamb Dormant Cat Head Cabossed Domestic Cat Couchant Domestic Cat Couchant Guardant Domestic Cat Dormant
Domestic Cat Passant Domestic Cat Sejant Lion's Jambe Lion Couchant Lion Dormant Coward
Lion Passant Lion Rampant Lion Rampant_2 Lion Rampant Queue Forchy Lion of St. Mark Salient
Panther Rampant Panther Passant Lynx Statant Tyger Statant Natural Tiger Rampant
Natural Tiger's Head Cabossed Fox Couchant Fox Dormant Guardant Fox Guardant Passant Fox Mask
Fox Head Couped Badger Hound Goat Rampant Goat's Head Erased Bedford Yale
Beaufort Yale Alphyn Rampant Gryphon Passant Gryphon Segreant Mouse Dormant
Mouse Sejant Erect Hare Courant Hare Courant Guardant Hare Dormant Hare Rampant
Three Hares Courant In Annulo, Ears Conjoined Ounce Passant Ounce Rampant Otter Polar Bear Statant
Rhinocerous Dormant Rhinocerous Rampant Squirrel Sejant Erect Stag Passant Stag Rampant
Stag Springing Stag's Head Cabossed Stag's Attire Stag's Massacre Horse Passant
Horse Rampant Unicorn Head Erased Unicorn Passant Unicorn Rampant Unicorn Winged Segreant
Demi-Unicorn Urchin or Hedgehog Wolf's Head Cabossed Wolf's Head Couped Wolf's Head Couped
Wolf Dormant Wolf Passant Wolf Rampant Wolf Rampant 2 Wolf Sejant
Wolf Sejant 2 Wolf Sejant Erect Wolf Statant Glutton (Wolverine) Rampant Glutton (Wolverine) Passant
Hydra Chimera Wyvern Wyvern Erect Wyvern Erect 2
Wyvern Displayed Erect Ziz Passant Dragon Passant Dragon Passant_2 Dragon Rampant
Dragon Sejant Affronty Dragon in Annulo Dragon Displayed Dragon Dormant Dragon Dormant 2
Salamander Couchant Salamander Statant Salamander Tergiant Natural Salamander Rampant Tortoise Rampant
Snake Coiled Rod of Aesculapius Beehive Bee Wasp Tergiant
Butterfly Tergiant Cricket Dragonfly Snail Ladybird
Spider Scorpion      

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