Bird Names in Oluf Rygh's Norwegian Farm Names

by Christie L. Ward (Gunnvǫr silfrahárr), ©2013

Oluf Rygh's Norske Gaardnavne (Norwegian Farm Names), was written as a 19 volume set of books based on a manuscript prepared from 1897 to 1924. For each farm, the name is given together with its pronunciation, etymology, and reported variants compiled from a number of historical sources. The editing and publication of the catalogue was done over nearly 40 years and was completed long after Rygh's death. Since that time, a collaboration between the humanities departments at the University of Bergen, University of Oslo, and the University of Trǫndheim and Tromsø has made Norske Gaardnavne available online.

The project here is an extract from the online Norske Gaardnavne, collecting all the placenames I could locate that included the name of a type of bird. The search used two main techniques. The first was a brute force search via "Free Text" for the term fuglnamn ("bird-name"). The second method was to extract all the names of birds listed in Richard Cleasby and Guðbrandr Vigfusson's An Icelandic-English Dictionary (2nd ed. Oxford: Clarendon. 1957), then to search the Norwegian Farm Names database for those terms as "Older Word Forms" or as "Free Text". Every resulting placename was evaluated, and where the Rygh judged the name liklier to originate from a masculine name that was identical or related to a bird-name, those entries were discarded.

My raw data was collected in an Excel worksheet, and for each placename a link to the appropriate entry in the online database has been provided. For those who wish to view the data in its raw state, one may go to the Raw Data Page, or download the Excel file itself.

Download the Excel file (Right-click and choose Save Link As).
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Bird Types Found in Norwegian Farm Names

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Landscape Types Found in Norwegian Farm Names that include Bird Names

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